"Your Perfect Getaway" On behalf of Morshedy Group, we kindly inform you that the units you have purchased would be delivered at the scheduled time. Zahra has a total area of 990 acres, including a magnificent clear water view. As a result, it would take an enormous amount of time to get to the stated peak level! We've so far completed 13,099 m3 of concrete, 105,299 m3 of drilling, and 53,320 m3 of backfill with our present work progress. Consisting of six independent zones, each with a varied working and distribution timeline, allowing you to receive your unit well in advance of the project's completion. It won't be long before you get to witness Zahra's unrivalled beauty, given the present labor and building rates.

One of Zahra's main summertime activities is going to Northed, which is currently North Alamein's hottest place for cuisine and relaxation, optimizing everything that summer is about. The main goal of Northed is to provide a serene environment where people can escape the busy and agitated atmosphere of El Sahel. Whether you're hitting it solo or with a group of friends, Northed will provide everything you need and more, offering versatility of activities, food and drinks. Northed is just a glimpse of what's coming next from Zahra and Morshedy Group. So stay tuned for many more exciting announcements!

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Zahra - Delivering One Summer Early by Morshedy Group


Zahra - Delivering One Summer Early by Morshedy Group

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