ZAHRA developed by a consortium of international & local consultants to deliver premium real estate products that meets the north coast customer segmentation along with Egyptian architectural
elements based on a deep typology research to deliver real estate product mix through long term development program aims to position ZAHRA as one of the most unique development in the north coast


Master Tec is an Industrial company in the manufacturing of concrete batching plants and accessories in the Middle East. Since its establishment in the year 1988 in Cairo - Egypt, Master has been offering high quality products in order to supply more functional and cost effective concrete batching plants to our customers.

NORTHED is merely a taste of what Zahra and Morshedy Group have in store.

That’s why we have collaborated with the top high-end F&Bs, so whether you are alone or with a group of friends, you will find all you need and more.

NORTHED is just phase one of Zahra’s commercial strip; offering flexibility of activities, food and drinks that will suit all palates, like Caizo, Dara’s, What The Crust, BRGR and TBS.